Multiple spatial and temporal records!

The multielectrode array (MEA) system is an user-friendly station for in vitro extracellular electrophysiology. Brain slice or primary cultured cells are  placed or grown directly on a grid of planar microelectrodes. Each electrode records field potential. Stimulation can be deliver via any electrode. MEA technology allows to assess important physiological functions of the brain as synaptic plasticity and network activity.


64 electrodes



  • 64 electrodes for simultaneous extracellular recordings
  • Stimulation through 1 or 2 electrodes  sequentially
  • Suitable for cell cultures and brain slices
  • Upgrade of the MEA system with multiwells probes

The core facility used the MED64 system from Alpha Med Scientific Ltd.

Readout: Spike Firing

64 channels dispaying electrical activity Recorded from 64 electrodes (neuronal cortical culturE)
  • Spike frequency
  • Synchronisation
  • Oscillations

Experimental Models: primary cell cultures and brain slices


Readout: Synaptic Activity

  • Field evoked postsynaptic potentials (fePSPs)
  • Short-term plasticity
  • Long-term potentiation (LTP) of synaptic transmission

Experimental Models: brain slices


  • Characterization stem cell differentiations for mature phenotype
  • Synaptic plasticity
  • Characterisation of neuronal excitability
  • Functional activity of neuronal cultures
  • Pharmacological study on neurotransmission

in vitro patch-clamp ex vivo patch-clamp